Cantina Laredo

An amazing authentic, American style Mexican (not tex-mex) right smack in the middle of central London.
Daniela Fernandez and Graciela Sanchez

Cantina Laredo is a very busy, American style restaurant in the heart of Covent Garden, offering excellent food. The franchise of a successful Mexican chain in the US, it offers not tex-mex but upmarket Mexican food (American in the sense of big bortions, big steaks) – one of its trademarks being freshly prepared Guacamole at your table. The founder and owner is a Mexican chef long residing in the US, and represents a new type of authentic mexican cuisine, born of the Mexican immigrant experience.

The friendly and numerous waiting staff go out of their way to introduce the menu thoroughly – ideal for those who don't know Mexican food – whilst preparing the guacamole in front of you they are careful to check with you each ingredient before adding them, and offering a choice of various ingredients to make it to your taste. A really nice touch. We were particularly impressed during our visit by the fact they had successfully accommodated a group of 120 students for dinner, and yet no-one else suffered as a result.  

The stuffed jalapenos were probably my favourite, although they were closely followed by the beautiful presentation of the Camaron Poblano Asada and the Chocolate brownie with bubbling butter. Being Mexican, we could have done with more sauce for the main dishes!

In sum, the food was great, drinks were good, the service was outstanding and the location even better. An amazing authentic, choice right smack in the middle of central London.

10 Upper St Martins Lane, St. Martins Courtyard, Covent Garden, Royal Opera House, London WC2H 9FB, United Kingdom

+44 20 7420 0630