Latin Hot List #9

Think Latin, Feel Latin, Buy's our choice of great Latin products on the market this Autumn

Cacao Culture

No Venezuelan wants to talk politics these days. But the Franceschi family have pursued an ideology that no one can argue with; their love of Cacao and its environment. We first heard about the brand in an unlikely North London Venezuela vegan café called Miranda, when we were offered Cacao tea. A cup of watery chocolate? Uuuugh, no thanks, we thought. But a sip was forced upon us, lo and behold, we felt unbelievably refreshed and invigorated. The tea is made from the remaining cacao husks after making our nibs. Little did we know that Cacao husks contain antioxidants, theobromine, magnesium, potassium and fibre. Forget caffeine; theobromine, acts as a mild stimulant with a slow release effect, helping release the body's endorphins, accounting for the pick-me-up ‘kick’ that you sometimes need in the afternoon, especially when editing a magazine!

Amaize Bottle.jpg

Purple Gold

Known as Peru's national drink, Chicha Morada dates back to the pre-Inca periods and is still made today using the same methods. The purple corn grows only in Peru, mostly famously in Puno and Arequipa, where the rich volcanic soil produces Anthocynins, the pigment compounds responsible for the corn's vibrant colour. Rich in Antioxidants and vitamins, the drink is a secret blend of corn, lime, pineapple, apple, clove, cinnamon and unrefined cane sugar. We’ve been on the purple trail for a while and have finally found a UK supplier, so you can now get your fix buying the product online at


Gaucho Grit

Inspired by manly artisan cultures, these Gaucho belts, fusing art and craft with an appetite for adventure, caught our eye. Especially treated for a well-worn appearance, the bold designs evoke the Gaucho culture of exploring new frontiers.


Still Feeling the Passion?

Are you still looking to wear your country with pride and have been resisting paying a fortune? Look no further. Due to popular demand, we’ve hunted down the best-priced official Colombian or Brazilian football shirts in the UK and have finally found them! So we thought we’d pass on the news.