Think Latin, Feel Latin, Buy's our choice of great Latin products on the market this Spring


For anyone who loves Carnival, this is the event to go to, a gathering of Carnival creators, artists, cultural enterprises and carnival enthusiasts exhibiting all facets of Carnival. The Expo intends to educate and promote carnivals so as to provide better understanding as well as to encourage greater participation by the art community, the business sector and the public at large. Includes the history of carnivals, their evolution over the years and the cultural importance of the festivals. Naturally a visual splendor, it features the most extravagant costumes and entertainment, arts and culture and is an exhilarating and fun experience from beginning to end.

13th & 14th May 2017 The Kia Oval Kennington, London SE11 5SS. tickets

The Scent of Andalucia

Our favourite Spanish perfume house has come up with yet another intoxicating scent, in a deep red colour, translating the tempo, the ritual, the fire and passion of Flamenco.  “Hyponitic and exciting” is how master perfumer Ramon Monegal, whose family founded the 100-year-old House of Myrugia, describes his latest creation. The price is not cheap, but neither is the smell. One wouldn’t expect anything less sublime from a brand that has long served the Spanish Royal Family. Take a sniff and you’ll see what we get so excited about.

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The Snack of Gods

Just like empanadas, every Latin American country boasts to be the owner of the delectable dulce de leche and its sister, the alfajor; the two crumbly cookies that sandwich the gorgeous caramel stuff.  But in our opinion no one does them quite like the Argentines, where they can be covered with chocolate, glazed sugar, powder sugar or meringue to create a melt in the mouth treat. There are many versions of alfajores, and each Argentine province has its traditional type, including jam-filled alfajores. Get yours at

Summer Latin Takeover

After a drought of Latin Festivals over the past few years, suddenly it pours. This year you can delay your summer holidays until August to enjoy not one, not two but three exciting events. La Clave, London’s only FREE Latin multi-Arts Festival kicks us off with everything from the best live music, a futsal Copa America, dance parades, film screenings, talks and workshops, to a 1940s-style Latin dinner experience and an after party till 2am. If that doesn’t quench your thirst Reggeatón Fest hits Wembley Arean in July with Daddy Yankee and Ozuna, and two weeks later you have ¡Hola London! featuring Juan Luis Guerra, Juanes, and David Bisbal.