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Cuba Plane Crash Update, Boris Johnson travels to Argentina, Rosarito Feels The Boost of Royal Connection

Cuba Plane Crash Update

Details are slowly being released regarding the Mexican plane that crashed in Cuba, killing 110 people on board. The crash, near Havana's Aiport and 12 miles south of the capital, left just three survivors who are currently in hospital. Although the exact reason for the tragedy remains shrouded in mystery at the time of writing, two ex-pilots have come forward to say that the plane had received safety complaints prior to the crash, indicating that the disaster may have been connected to these issues. 

The plane itself is nearly 40 years old, and was rented by Cuban company Cubana by Mexico's Damojh. Safety complaints have emerged against Damojh in the past, with one case leaving the corporation barred from Guyanese air space last year, due to alleged overloading of luggage on the plane. Damojh have also been linked to serious infringements of health and safety, which have often been blamed on indvidual incompetence. The company has yet to comment on any allegations.

Cuban and Mexican authorities are carrying out their own investigation into the crash. One of the "Black Boxes" - a container that holds flight data and information regarding the plane - have been recovered and is said to be in good condition, which hopefully will shine some light on the disaster. For now, all that is known that 99 Cubans were on board the plane, along with six Mexican crew members, another Mexican tourist, an Argentine couple and a pair from the Western Sahara. The three survivors remain in a critical condition with severe burns, but it is believed that they could pull through.

Boris Johnson travels to Argentina

British Foreign Secretary and Conservative Member of Parliament (MP) Boris Johnson has announced plans for the first visit by a British Foreign Secretary to Argentina for 25 years. As part of a mission to gain support for post-Brexit trade deals, Johnson will also visit Peru and Chile. The issue of the Falkland Islands remains on the table, with another visit to the capital, Port Stanley, planned, where he will lay a wreath to remember those who died during the Falklands War of the 1980s. 

Such a trip would have been thought impossible a few years ago, when former Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner engaged in a very public war of words over the territory, referred to in Latin America as the Malvinas. However, new President Mauricio Macri has toned down the rhetoric, and instead embraced a more internationalist approach to diplomacy, including a decision to host the G20 summit this year. This, combined with Britain's desire to make international trade deals following the decision to leave the European Union, has led to concerted attempts to repair the relationship between Buenos Aires and London.

It is hoped by the British government that Boris Johnson will be able to charm the representatives of Argentina, Peru and Chile, as well as taking part in various transnational negotiations and public opportunities, such as a public meeting in the Peruvian rainforest to promote wildlife conservation alongside Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra, who only recently took power following the corruption scandal that engulfed former premier Pedro Pablo Kuczynski.

British Prime Minister Theresa May will also use the trip as a chance to gauge relations before her own visit for the aforementioned G20 summit. It is hoped that Macri's approach will lead to a less contentious relationship in future between the two nations.

Rosarito Feels The Boost of Royal Connection

The small Mexican resort town of Rosarito has been swarmed with paparazzi and international attention in recent days, thanks to the marriage of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in London, almost 9,000km away. This is all thanks to one resident who has suddenly become one of the most famous people in the world, and definitely the most famous in Rosarito; Thomas Markle, the 73-year-old father of the now-married Meghan. 

The story about whether Thomas would attend the wedding shook the town for weeks, as people swarmed towards the north-west of Mexico to see this location. Commonly a favourite with American expats, Rosarito is usually considered sleepy and quaint, while boating superb views of the seaside. The population of 70,000, who live 30 minutes drive from the U.S. border, received thousands more visitors as reports came out about Mr Markle's adopted hometown. 

In the end, Thomas Markle did not attend the ceremony, with confusion about the exact circumstances but a belief that a heart operation made the journey impossible. However, various citizens of Rosarito believe that the reporting will be a welcome boost to tourism for the area, which relies heavily on outside interest to keep the economy going.