Wahaca's Taco Bar

This year it is Wahaca’s “Year of The Taco.” Latinolife gives its verdict on the Mexican chain's taco experience
Natalie Salmon

"An easy, portable way to eat slow-cooked meats and delicious grilled vegetables, tacos are the undisputed street food champion. Mexican food is all about creating complex layers of taste and contrasting textures – and never is it better illustrated than with the taco. – Thomasina Miers - Founder, Wahaca.


So to celebrate we tried out their three new tacos featured at their newly refurbished Soho branch’s menu… Starting off with the ‘cactus alambres.’ Grilled cactus tacos. Cactus is an amazing source of Vitamin C,  a single serving of cooked cactus provides up to 28% of your recommended daily RDI. It’s said that eating cactus helps the body produce extra collagen keeping you supermodel gorgeous. It’s also a healthy low-fat, high-fiber food source. They were my favourite taco of the lot! We also tried the Glazed Pork Belly Tacos, which were paired with sharp celeriac which was a definite winner.

Wahaca’s new addition of “Agua Fresca” (Hibiscus Water, made by steeping the hibiscus flower in boiling water) takes you back to a holiday in Tulum, a taste so authentically Mexican you hardly felt like you were in central London. We were worried that the Ribeye Tacos would be overdone, but they were perfectly pink in the middle and the portions were surprisingly generous at just £6.95. Good value and great tasting food from Thomasina’s little chain.


Taco Bar at Wahaca

80 Wardour St, London W1F 0TF

020 7734 0195