Art & Culture Reviews

‘Drawing is metaphysical striptease’ says Chilean artist Pato Bosich, one of three artists including Raul Pina Pérez and Jorge Rojas Goldsack, exploring the practice and experience of “Drawing.”
“You can’t talk about Cuba without letting the Cubans speak,” says French filmaker Laurent Cantet, director this this fascinating study in the complexities of human behaviour in difficult times.
A challenging multi-media and a multi-layered play by Caridad Svich, an Argentine- American playwright, with a richness of references that are not entirely lost even to those who never read the Greek Myth. It debued at The Clumsy Bodies Theatre - a brand new theatre company based in Battersea, run by two artists who describe themselves as “queer, and non-conforming” and appears at the Edinburgh Festival this week.
A not-to-be-missed exhibition of original works by Ana Maria Pacheco.
A brave piece of theatre, using sensitivity, humour and music, to depict the horror of Argentina's dirty war.
American style 'noir' set in South America's biggest megatropolis - a lonely cop's battle with corruption, despair, and his own demons makes for an enthralling Sao Paulo thriller.
The latest Chilean addition to a great Latin American tradition of highly entertaining political thrillers, or 'Latin Noir' as the genre is now known. Neruda, focuses on the the arrest warrant issued in 1948 for the then Communist senator. Pablo Neruda, before he became one of the world's most famous poets.
A richly painted portrait of Brazilian society, of corporate greed and, ultimately, of a woman of a certain age.
A delightful, thoughtful and hugely comical experience at the innovative Spanish Theatre initiative in Southwark
The classic 1959 Rio Carnival adaptation of the ancient Greek tale about Orpheus and Eurydice, two lovers meeting and falling in love, pursued by the macabre figure of Death, is brilliantly brought back to life in a new Blu-Ray edition. Corina Poore revels in the epic musicality and beauty, and its uniquely stunning 1950s Rio backdrop.