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With a cast made up of workers in the sex industry and actors (its not clear whom is which to preserve anonymity) this unique multimedia production written by British-Uruguyan singer and composer Alex Etchart, offers a brutally honest insight into the lives of sex workers around the world, that will no doubt leave you laughing and crying in equal measure.
The 'Solidarity' generation reunites at the latest book launch by Latin American Bureau and Practical Action. Nearly thirty years in the making, Rosa chronicles the real-life stories of a poor Nicaraguan family over a turbulent half-century.
In The Club everything is distressing. In the home for ‘repentance’ we find a chaplain who collaborated with the dictatorship, a priest accused of child abuse, another involved in illegal adoptions and a senile one who cannot remember why he is there. When a fifth brother arrives, also accused of similar crimes, the harmony breaks badly. A tragic event takes place and the church sends a younger priest, padre García, to investigate
Using the poetic language that has become a trademark of the famed Chilean director, this sequel to his multi-awarded Nostalgia de la luz (Nostalgia for the Light, 2010) explores both small detail and big historical processes to produce a radical critique of dominant Chilean – and arguably Western - politics, which consists of the extermination of those who create problems.
A debut collection of short stories exploring the emotional relationships between Cubans and Western visitors to the Caribbean island.
At a time when Britain's immigrant community is increasingly falling under an unfriendly spotlight, 'Uncovering the Mexican Community in the UK' is a welcome photography exhibition and important reminder of the contribution that many Mexicans make to the cultural and social fabric of our lives. Elizabeth Mistry is moved by the current show at Senate House.
A hugely enjoyable film exploring the complex relationship between Latin America's middle class and its live-in maids in a digestible, humorous and touching way.
Critically acclaimed Spanish director Alberto Rodríguez’s latest film, Marshland, was a box-office hit in Spain, winning a spectacular ten Spanish Academy Goya awards including Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Cinematography, and is out now in the UK.
Marcus Dalrymple’s Flesh and Blood follows his debut novel, Killing Time. Dalrymple’s contextual knowledge of Mexico is without fault, complemented by Flesh and Blood’s compelling storyline. Following the adventure of Brit John Colson upon his return to Mexico, it is hard to resist becoming part of the plot with Marcus’s page-turning style.
A poetic, profane, whip-smart look at love and addiction finds light even in the darkest corners of New York City. Motherf**ker With The Hat premiers at the National Theatre, after having been nominated for six Tony awards on Broadway.