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The latest film by Argentine director Lucia Puenzo in which themes of adolescent attraction and the place of beauty, uniqueness, difference, and normalisation serve as a bridge between past and present, set in the ever fascinating context of Nazi war criminals in Argentina.
Gripping and aesthetically beautiful, but always honest and uncompromising – The Golden Dream is an unusual and impactful depiction of US immigration. Starring: Karen Martínez, Brandon López, Carlos Chajon, Rodolfo Domínguez
Ana Ryle spent a weekend at Amnesty UK’s first football film festival at Hackney Picturehouse. It aimed to bring together the worlds of football and human rights. Four of the thought-provoking films shown - Looking for Rio, Railroad Allstars, Goals for Girls and The Children of Habana - were in Portuguese or Spanish.
Keeping viewers on the edge of their seats, from the very first scene in which a bound-and-gagged man is carried to the top of an overpass and hung for all to see, his acclaimed third film by self-taught director from Guanajuato, Amat Escalante, has been the talk of the film town since its screening at Cannes in 2013.
A new documentary on the life and work of singer Mercedes Sosa is a must for Latin music lovers, says Elizabeth Mistry.
Starring British comedy actor Nick Frost, a warm-hearted if not warm-blooded salsa comedy; representing more the awkward British take on salsa than its true corazon.
The Hyperactive Argentine spectacle at The Roundhouse until March 2nd
Our very own Cuba aficionado Kerry Ribchester, went to the Day of the Flowers premier to see if all the fuss about the new Latin-infused chic flick, starring Cuba's very own global ballet icon Carlos Acosta, was all it promised. With a one to one with the man himself, the Cuban Ambassador, and the director, it seems she was not disappointed....
Beautiful, affecting and credible, The Courtyard’s production of Blood Wedding does more than justice to Lorca’s sublime play about love at its highest levels of intensity.
It was a gloomy Sunday. The grey sky and all-consuming rain made my bed feel like a toasty heaven, which I was reluctant to leave. However, the anticipation and desire to see first-hand the beautiful gold art work of my ancestors made me jump out of my bed with vigour...