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An insight into the world of the great Colombian writer that touches on subjects that everyone can relate to. A beautiful book to read when in between books or when in need of a short term change in literature.
A superbly crafted film exploring the politics of desire and attraction
From the first page you are thrown in to the deep end with magical stories and explanations of what alchemy is, however at no point do you feel out of your depth. Written in third person, the world of a magical adventures and beings is open to the reader, and it is only near the end that the reader realises that this wonderfully created world is the same oasis that we live in.
Joining the Dots (2012) tells the story of Trevor, who lost his sight at the age of 60. Following a period of depression, he found his way out with the help of audiodescription, which also enabled him to rekindle his passion for cinema and theatre.
The untold story of Che Guevara (Verso 2013)
A mesmerising one-woman Latina show at The Southwark Playhouse until 15th June
A Spanish film about urban ‘clean up’ operations in the run up to staging international events, one which the Rio de Janeiro government members might want to watch
“If it sounds Spanish, man, that's what it is; it's a Spanish movie.”
A new English translation by Peter Bush. New York Review of Books Classics series 2012.