South Social meets CHILE

the Cinema Museum
Event Date: 
Saturday, October 21, 2017 - 18:30 to 22:30
2 Dugard way SE114TH
A tour de force around South America and especially Chile, with wonderful director Marcela Said and her latest film, LOS PERROS, winner of 2 awards last month!. Followed by a true experience of Chilean music and regional cuisine. All hail CHILE!

Join us for a wonderful celebration of Chile with director Marcela Said and her latest film, Los Perros.

Free-spirited, sexually liberated Mariana develops a relationship with her riding teacher Juan. When she learns that he is prosecuted for crimes under Pinochet, she recklessly seeks to uncover the truth. But her search takes her back to her family.  Los Perros refreshingly reminds us of the impossibility to divide between the personal and the political.

La Veleidosa led by Maria Battle, a super Chilean band with a unique repertoire creating a fascinating overview of the diversity of South American music.

Luis Pizarro, chef from The Castle sports bar, will delight us with special Chilean empanadas.