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Reggaetón pioneer who sprung to global fame with his first album “Diferente a Los Demás” and consolidated his success in 2015 with “El Perdón” ("Forgiveness"), delivers another classic.
A fantastic compilation of Colombia's King of Cumbia
A rare and unique compilation from one of Latin America's most innovative record labels
Cuba's new Jazz queen comes into her own in her exquisite UK debut album
Music fans and dancers unite in their passion for Salsa's vinyl at London's Tate Modern 'Salsoteca' event
The renowned Grammy winning Venezuelan band LOS AMIGOS INVISIBLES hit London with a bang on Sunday 21st Nov with an energetic show at the Islington Assembly Hall.
Joe was one the faces of New York’s Latin music movement in the late 60’s and 70’s. He recorded some of the biggest hits of Latin Soul, Boogaloo, Salsa and Funk, including ‘Gypsy Woman’ and ‘Subway Joe.’ He has become a cult artist, but unlike many other cult musicians, Joe is still recording and making some great music. This was his return to recording in 2004 after a few years away from the studio, and retains the quality of his older works. After being out of print for a few years, this revamped edition features new artwork and notes by the producers. A great album that will please hardcore fans and newcomers alike.
A compilation that includes Airto Moreira, Gilberto Gil, Elis Regina and Antonio Carlos Jobin is always going to be good. “ The Beat of Brazil” bring together 21 songs from the Warner vaults, this cd compiles some not that known tracks with some classics, to a great result. Covering the period from 1961 to 1982, probably one of the most important and prolific periods in Brazilian music, this was the music that would influence the rest of the world in years to come. Hopefully more stuff like this come be coming out from the label in the near future!
Despite being as rich in music treasures as its neighbours Brazil, Colombia and Cuba, few Venezuelan artists are known outside its borders. The country has a fascinating musical history, and in the 70’s, with loads of petro-dollars to attract top talent, Caracas was (and still is, though in a different way now) a creative hub for musicians. Compiled by Mexico based, Venezuelan born DJ Tony Arelano, this compilation showcases some of the most daring experimental rock of its time. This was not commercially driven stuff, but creative freedom at work by a whole generation of great musicians looking for their musical identity. A Fantastic release from Soul Jazz Records