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A superb collaboration between Lina Tur Bonet, the renowned baroque violinist and the Spanish visual artist Ángel Haro has resulted in possibly the first ever Classical music video. Taking the music of one of Arcangel Corelli’s works called FOLLIA, blending shapes, light, colour and textures by Angel Haro with the music and the figure of Lina Tur playing, they created a video that explodes with the music of Corelli’s composition.
This is the album that won Jesse & Joy, the Mexican brother and sister duo, their first US Grammy for best Latin pop album in February this year. It’s also their first to feature songs in English, some of which have already been huge hits in Latin America in their original Spanish versions.
Eliane Elias breathes new life into samba in her latest album - a celebration not only of this uniquely Brazilian sound, but also of her collaboration with musicians who have played an important role in her career.
Reggaetón pioneer who sprung to global fame with his first album “Diferente a Los Demás” and consolidated his success in 2015 with “El Perdón” ("Forgiveness"), delivers another classic.
A fantastic compilation of Colombia's King of Cumbia
A rare and unique compilation from one of Latin America's most innovative record labels
Cuba's new Jazz queen comes into her own in her exquisite UK debut album
Music fans and dancers unite in their passion for Salsa's vinyl at London's Tate Modern 'Salsoteca' event