Music Reviews

A daring new take on Venezuelan music by a collective of London-based musicians including Caracas-born Ernesto Marichales on drums and percussion. Re-arranged and ‘jazzified’ by the whole band, Musica de Venezuela brings classics likes Simón Diaz’ Sabana and Caramba to a new audience with an evocative edgy sound.
French/Ecuadorian producer Nicolá Cruz’ first full-length album is a masterpiece of experimental electronic music fused with folk sounds. No fillers but a great amalgam of folk percussion, Andean flutes with synths, and electronic baselines. Not for you sentimental folk purists but a powerful sound like no other. Andean music never sounded so fresh!
A global album with a Brazilian soul, a nostalgic feel but full or raw energy from a truly modern day globe-trotting Bohemian.
Canadian based Salsa outfit playing wth passion and flavour
A wonderfully ambitious remixing and remastering of her classic album La Candela Viva.
The latest release from one of the UK's most outstanding Latin musicians
An ambitious collaborative project from Mexican-American folk singer/songwriter Lila Downs, Latin GRAMMY-nominated Argentine folk/pop singer Soledad and Latin GRAMMY-winning Spanish flamenco singer Niña Pastori.
The Latest album form the increasingly respected Brazilian rapper and soul singer.
The latest album from one of the UK's best Latin bands
A compilation of his latest releases plus future hits.