Sushinho Kings Road

312-314 King’s Road, SW3 5UH

Ours is a Brazilian-Japanese eatery that showcases the kind of delicious fare found in the sushi joints and churrascarias of Rio and Sao Paolo.

We are independently owned and a young team that takes great pride in being innovative and always at the top of our game. We respect Brazilian Japanese culture as a source of inspiration and from that springboard we venture as far as our suppliers’ produce will take us. We carefully source the very best ingredients on the market, often at higher cost, and pay particular attention to flavour combination and inventiveness. We draw the line at sacrificing the former in favour of the latter, and thus we push boundaries, and ourselves, but do so in harmony with our roots.

Executive Chef Joni Viscardi, a Brazilian national, has taken sushinho to a new level, creating original and inspired dishes that reflect sushinho’s thirst for discovery and escapism. Our menu changes regularly, be it with the season, an ingredient no longer holding its own in a dish or weeks of fine tuning yielding a perfect recipe: we evolve and tweak and change constantly.

There are branches in 312-314 King’s Road,London, SW3 5UH and Devonshire Square, (Liverpool Street),EC2M 4AE.