Charing Cross, Aldgate East

London’s first truly authentic Mexican restaurant…It all started 50 years ago, with El Farolito, a taquería (Spanish word meaning taco shop)in a little corner of the then unknown Colonia Condesa, located just west of the historic centre of Mexico City.At the time the taquería was just a small charcoal grill run by two grill men who prepared authentic Mexican delicacies for the locals. Within a year of opening, its popularity had grown to such an extent that people from all over Mexico City came to try the infamous “charcoal tacos” – a Central American dish dating back to the early 1900s.In 2010, after half a century of being Mexico City’s leading taquería, El Farolito came to the UK and opened its doors in Villiers Street, London as Lupita. The word Lupita comes from a Spanish title of the Virgin Mary – Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe – meaning “Our Lady of Guadalupe”

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