Sonia Lollia - Zumba Teacher of the Year

Parisian born Sonia Isabelle Lollia is half Spanish and Guadeloupan and grew up in a small village outside Paris before coming to London and becoming Zumba Teacher of the Year 2014

My dad is probably the biggest influence in my life. I was a real daddy's girl. He use to like me to do a little performance at 5 years old when he had parties, so at least 2 or 3 times a month. I was crying each time as I was extremely shy and never enjoyed special attention, however I still had to do it. that’s how I got into dance and loving it. I also have a lot of energy and people love that about me. I owe that to my forever positive, full of energy loving mother.

My first passion is dance, but after giving birth to my second child Lana Rosa, I had put on so much weight that I needed to do some kind of activity and there was no dance classes at my local gym and I could not go very far from home, leaving a newborn behind. So I got into fitness instead and I loved it. Got really into it after seeing the progressive results it had on my body.

I felt really good and I became very fit. I then met a very inspiring fitness instructor who kind of introduced me to it at a professional level and I got myself into a course to become a fitness professional. Qualifications in hands, I started teaching at my local gym. However, I was still missing dancing. So one day, I decided to improvise and do something different and introducing dance into my fitness class, with Hip Hop, Latin and Caribbean rhythms. People loved it Excited, rushed back home, started to look for ideas online for a new name for my class and that’s when I discovered Zumba Fitness! The rest is history.

Zumba fitness is like a happy-pill class and there is so much love around it. The fitness program itself is very well designed and the music is very much what I grew up with. You get to meet people from different backgrounds, shapes and sizes and they all bring lots of positive energies in the class. Everyone comes with their own story, some are going through depressions, weight problems, family issues etc… and whilst they are with me, they can at least forget about it for an hour, do something they really enjoy, be happy, scream if they want to and let off some steam. It’s almost like a therapy and much cheaper!  If I can help and make a change to people’s lives, even a slight one, then I’m very happy.

I love British People. They are very supportive and loyal. I like the way they get passionate about who and what they believe in. I find them very tolerant and free spirit. Once you truly understand the culture, then the Brits are easy to workout.
I've made a great career here and am very gratfeful. What do I want for the future? I’ll leave my future to the future and I shall carry on living the present. Let’s live it and see! and