Sergio Mendes' Fantasy Island Tracks

If you were stranded on a desert Island, which tracks would you absolutely need to have to get you through those times of loneliness and despair? Man cannot live on sun and fish alone right? Our castaway, Brazilian music legend, Sergio Mendes puts in his request for musical salvation...

Indulge us, Sergio Mendes...

"My first choice is 'Luisa' by Tom Jobim simply because it is one of the most beautiful songs ever written. Every Christmas we go to an Island off the coast of Rio with some friends we always play this. It brings back memories of Tom Jobim"

"I did a couple of tours with Frank Sinatra and we became very good friends. He loved Brazilian Music and I've chosen a song he recorded with Tom Jobim. I miss Frank when I hear this song and I remember a great freind and great artist. They are my two great idols and mentors."

"Milton Nascimento is one of my all time favourite Brazilian artists, he has a beautiful voice and writes amazing music. This song Travessiais a great song written and sung by a great friend."

"So many Stars by Tony Bennet. When you are a composer you never know whose going to record your song. He does a beautiful version of my song. There are many interpretations, Barbara Streisand recently recoded a version, but this is my favourite. I love his voice."

"Maracatú sung by Grazinha and Seu Jorge. Mocoir Santos is a great songwriter and he was my music teacher. This is a duet with my wife and a great young artist and it’s a great combination of young and old. A great song sung by two of my favourite singers."

"Bill Evans – Waltz for Debbie. I remember going to see Bill Evans play at the Village Vanguard in New York in 1963, and I was so impressed by the way he played, the harmonies and melodical improvisations. I went back stage to meet him and he was very quite and timid. A legend and an amazing musician."

"Miles Davis – Quiet Nights. This is a rendition of Tom Jobim’s Quiet Nights Acorcovado arranged by Gil Evans. I also went to see him play in New York and what can I say…amazing."

"Caminos Cruzados – Tom Jobim. We have to begin and end with Toim Jobim. This is a song I recorded on my album CBon Tempo and it is amongst all the beautiful songs he wrote. One of the most beautiful. This version is by another Brazilian great Caetano Veloso."

Sergio Mendes will be in concert at the O2 on 14th July. Click here for more info