Tego Calderón's Fantasy Island Tracks

If you were stranded on a desert island, which tracks would you absolutely need to have to get you through those times of loneliness and despair? Man cannot live on sun and fish alone right? Our castaway, Tego Calderón, the Godfather of Urban Latin Music, puts in his requests for musical salvation...
Jose Luis Seijas

Biggie - Ready to Die

"Biggie is a hip-hop icon who had a lot of influence on me and my music, probably his best album and one that will always be part of my life"

Ruben Blades – Siembra

"It was part of my growing up process, when I was 10-12 years old. Ruban is a very admired guy in my house, I remember that time very vividly, my parents working..they are salseros, a happy time for me."

Cortijo Ismael – Welcome

"Oh man, that was a different feeling, a underestimated album, it reminds me of my father and the great respect I have for Ismael Rivera"

Ruben Blades - Solar De Los Aburridos

"Like with Siembra, this a time I remember very well in my life. My dad gave it to me, it was something really special, it made me think of myself as a Boricua and as of afro origins."


Black Sabbath - Technical Ecstasy

"When I was younger, I used to play the drums and in my hood they were a lot of rockers! So I also listen to a lot of that, this album was part of my youth!"


Too Short - Life is Too Short

"When this album came out I was living in Miami and it made a massive impact on the city. I always liked the way he was, the way he conducted his business; he was independent and streetwise"


Peter Tosh - Legalize It

"Regardless of what you think about the legalization issue (everyone has their own opinion), this album just represents a great time for reggae, it is a fantastic LP and a key part of that movement, just a fantastic album"


Tego Calderón - Original Gallo del País

"Well this is the latest and best of what I have done, so if I were to take something of my own it would be this album, which represents me at the moment, in a good space. It is a reflection of the maturity of myself and my fans. It's a very honest album, sometimes even rude according to some people, but it has its own identity…relaxed …like everything I'm doing at the moment. When you are doing your own thing and you feel good, like I’m feeling right now, the rest comes easy. You learn it as you go and in the end everything clicks and comes together. Also it was an honour to work with the people I worked with. I think that love and that passion is reflected in the final result."


Tego Calderón is nominated in the Best Urban Album category for Original Gallo del País at the 2012 Latin Grammies, due to take place later this month. For more information go towww.tegocalderon.com