Larry Harlow's Fantasy Island Tracks

If you were stranded on a desert Island, which tracks would you absolutely need to have to get you through those times of loneliness and despair? Our castaway, Fania legend Larry Harlow, known affectionately by his Latin peers as El Judio Maravilloso, puts in his request for musical salvation...

About Larry Harlow: One of the frequently hidden gems behind the rise of Fania as Latin music's label extraordinaire in the late '60s and early '70s, Larry Harlow served as producer for countless Fania LPs, musical director of the Fania All-Stars, and of course, captain of his own Orchestra Harlow, which sailed along with the expertise of many great musicians and at least one of the greatest soneros of all time, Ismael Miranda. Additionally, during a very turbulent decade for Latin music, Harlow had a foot in both contemporary and traditionalist camps: he recorded an impressive Latin opera that was performed at Carnegie Hall. He worshipped the great tres player Arsenio Rodriguez and recorded an album-length tribute after his death.

LH: "These tracks aren't necesarily 'favourites' but perhaps tracks that remind me of a particular era, time, place or moment in my life. A track I may want for nostalgic reasons. Tracks that really mean something to me, that represent landmarks in my life."

LL: Indulge us, Larry Harlow...

Miles davis. Scetches of Spain 


Sargent Pepper - The Beatles 


Harlow's Hommy a Latin opera 


Anything Arsenio rodriguez


Charlie Parker with strings


Green Dolphin Street - John Coltrane


Fania All Stars live at The Cheetah


Anything Joao gilberto


Anything Art Tatum

Any Orq Aragon de Cuba