DJ Flecha's Top Ten Cuban Tunes of all Time

DJ Flecha has had an amazing DJ career, playing with the most famous Cuban bands such as Los Van Van, Charanga Habanera, Adalberto Álvarez, Manolito Y Su Trabuco, Paulo F.G, Pupi Y Los Que Son Son and Issac Delgado. This is his selection of all his favourite Cuban tracks.
DJ Flecha

1. Guantanamera - Joseito Fernandez. This is the original Cuban sonero and the track is the insignia of Cuban Music and an amazing feel good song, although you might not think it by Joseito's mournful look. Cheer up Joseito, you're a legend!

2. Chan Chan - By Buena Vista Social Club -I love the life time opportunity given to these amazing musicians to demonstrate their incredible talent which remained in the dark for decades.

3. Un Monton De Estrellas - Polo Montañez. Surprisingly for me this song was the first Son Montuno accepted by the young people at the discotheques. You can see that Polo Montañez is shy on camera, not the pop star you see on totay's music channels. Byt the beauty of the song makes this irrelevant.

4. Y Que Tu Quieres Que Te Den? Adalberto Alvarez - This Song summarises the Orishas dances and it's a very powerful song a Dance floor filler without any doubt.

5. Me Mantengo - Los Van Van This song with an irresistible rhythm named Songo brings a message to the young Cuban Musicians generation inspire them to improve and enrich the lyrics without been Chavacan (meaning "poor taste," "vulgar," "common," "of low quality," "tacky).

6. La Habana Me llama - Monolito Simonet Y Su TrabucoJust as much as the song I like an anthem and talks about the Magic behind our beautiful Havana city.

7. A Lo Cubano - Orishas This song is full of energy and speaks by itself exalting the mixture and the variety of our Cuban Music.

8. Si Se Va A Formar Que Se Forme - Los 4 Feat El Micha and Jacob Forever This song represents the self defence of a new generation of Cuban musicians after all the criticism and prejudices against the Timbaton which is a mixture of Timba (a Cuban genre of music and represents Cuba’s intense and slightly more aggressive Music and Dance form) with the Reggaeton (a form of Latin urban music).

9. Santa Palabra - NG LaBanda  A massive dancefloor hit, in cuba and abroad, it talks about how we get rid of of the bad energy around us and accept religion without shame and hiding it from anyone.

10. Sur Caribe - Añoranza por la Conga - retakes one of the most exciting Cuban rhythms of all times La Conga (the music of slave)s which transcended to the well known celebrations The Cuban Carnivals.