…David Bisbal

My earliest memory was music, it's more of a feeling than a particular event, a love for music whenever it was played, my love for singing.

I used to be painfully shy in front of a crowd, even up to when I was 18, but I realised if this was my passion I just had to snap out of it. Even though I’ve got used to it, I still get nervous before going on stage, especially when I know there is someone special in the audience, a family member or if I know it's going to be filmed…

Fame came upon me very quickly, and it was difficult at first, learning how to deal with the media and trying to remain relaxed on camera. The most difficult thing I find now is being away from home and my family for long periods. But I have to say, the benefits far outweigh the negatives!

The last thing that made me cry…was a charity support event that my fan club organized for me, which raised funds for children in Sierra Leone.

My favourite words….love, music.

The words I most dislike….war, betrayal.

I think tolerance is overrated...we all have prejudices and rather than just say you have to be tolerant, we should be allowed to talk about prejudices and have an open discussion. Otherwise, not tolerating people who aren’t tolerant, trying to force tolerance, is just another form of intolerance.

My greatest fear….is sickness, my fear of becoming ill.

The living person I most admire is my mother.

My most embarrassing moment…well the last I can remember was at an awards ceremony and I sprung up when my name was announced as the winner and started celebrating, not realising that the award was actually being given to four of us, so when the other peoples names were read out, I kind of felt silly. Yeah that was pretty embarrassing!

If I could go back in time…it would be to my childhood, playing with my friends, without a care in the world.

David Bisbal will be making his UK concert debut at The Royal Albert Hall on September the 26th...more info click here. Next week, David Bisbal's 'Desert Island Discs'

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