'Leave to Remain' by Wara

'Leave to Remain'
Charlotte Mackenzie

The melting pot that make up Wara's 9 piece London based band adds 'sabor' and injects soul into their unique style of Latin Jazz. The members from: Cuba, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Ghana, Spain, the UK and Congo create songs in which the UK and Cuba collide head on. Urban reggae and soul meet Cuban timba and rumba, providing a backdrop against which their bilingual lyrics touch on life in London vs immigration and identity. The group formed in 2009 and have been successful in creating their own soulful music with cleverly mastered Latin touches and blends of styles and rhythms.

'Leave to Remain' is a definite nod to heady summer nights in Havana Cuba. 'Pide a Yemaya' features Cuban bata drumming and a backdrop of santeria vocals that makes hairs stand on end. 'Leave to Remain' and 'Somewhereland' document fitting in here in London, whilst still infusing sexy Latin riffs. The funky, hectic 'Caprichoso' is a great track featuring diva-esque commentaries and effortless beats. As Eliana Correa, the band's keyboard player and MD puts it 'We reinterpret what has already been done (in Cuban music) so it applies to young people living here in the UK in 2013,'. The album certainly projects the group well into 2013 and beyond, making Latin styles accessible and 'cool' for UK ears.

Wara are energetic and emit a palpable energy live in concert. If you aren't lucky enough to be going to the Secret Garden party festival then catch them in London on the 7th August at the Jazz Cafe and prepare to be greeted by an infectious, cool, fresh Latin music for 2013.

Wara - Caprichoso (live at the Hackney Empire, London)