This Quinoa Banana bread consists of classic south american ingredients, and is PACKED with protein, supplemented by extra chia seeds. It’s one of my favourite loafs in the world. I don’t add any sugar to mine but ripe bananas are really all the sugar this needs. I love how you simply whack all the ingredients in a food processor (minimising mess/washing up.) If you are feeling sinful toast it and smother liberally in Nutella, but if you are being good then top it with brazil nut butter and feel like Gisele.
Lúcuma is an amazing Superfood from Peru, it’s full of potassium with bright yellow coloured flesh and tastes a bit like maple syrup! So much so that it’s often used as a natural sweetener… Lúcuma has a very low Glycemic index, so it’s a great alternative to regular sugar.
I love Sopa Negra, it’s a soup originally from Costa Rica but you see variants of it all over Latin America. It is possibly the healthiest, yummiest and easiest recipe you can make for yourself.
A British twist (make sure its stilton!) on a Latin American classic
Alfajores are an Argentinian institution and an “accidentally Gluten-Free” offering from the land of absurdly attractive polo players. Made from cornflour these little morsels are two biscuits (aka cookies) sandwiched together, dusted in desiccated coconut and held by a gorgeous toffee sauce known as “Dulce de Leche” or “Arequipe.” I prefer to buy it already made in a tin, but you can make your own if you want. Simply boil an unopened can of condensed milk for 3 hours, making sure it is completely immersed in water throughout. Alfajore dough produces a gorgeous pale flaky ​biscuit which is so incredibly light. They are not too sweet which I love, and they bake in just SEVEN MINUTES. Gorgeous, simple to make and gluten free! Enjoy X
Spice up your midweek meal to produce a fast food piece of magic - if you love working with fresh ingredients this dish is totally inspirational. Prawns has such a unique flavour and easy to enhance it with the slight punch of habanero chilli balanced by fresh coriander. Pretty sure this is the kind of fast food it can be enjoyed almost every day!
Pulled Pork is a favourite with Brits and Mexicans alike and this version of slow cooked pork with a smoky spicy taste is just irresistible wherever you're from. Chipotle has a majestic taste and a distinctive smoky flavour. Chipotles are small peppers (often jalapeños), and usually have been dried by a smoking process. Yes, they are spicy, but if you use the right amount, it doesn't have to be burn-your-face-off spicy. Start with small amounts and add more to taste. The following recipe is for those gatherings with friends and loved ones who like to share succulent meat packed full of flavour.
I have always loved the fried avocado chips (aka avocado fries) I have when I go back to South-America or that you can occasionally get in Mexican restaurants over here…. but remaking them at home is quite tricky. So I figured out a way of baking them in the oven recently, which is MUCH easier and more importantly MUCH healthier.
Avocados are originally from Mexico... often you see them used in savoury dishes and guacamole but on some countries in South America, such as Brazil, Avocados are eaten with sugar as a sweet... so just bear that in mind if this Ice-Cream sounds like a strange concept! I love this recipe for simple Vegan Avocado Ice Cream… the best part is you don’t need an ice cream machine to make it! Just use this easy to follow recipe!
Açaí is a berry that grows in the Brazilian Amazon. The antioxidant-rich dark purple berries are packed with amino acids, as well as vitamins A, B, C and E and minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper and zinc. It is one of the world most celebrated SUPERFOODS. The berries go bad quickly after being picked, so they are often made into juice, supplements or powder, which can be whizzed into smoothies. It curbs appetite and gives an energy boost making it a great drink to have before a workout.