Plantain Lasagne is the perfect food combo, sweet & salty and best of all low-cal compared to a typical lasagne. In this recipe, which originates in Puerto Rico, thin layers of tasty plantain replace the layers of pasta making it a much leaner meal as all you’re eating is simply meat and fruit! (Although that being said I can easily eat the whole Pastelón in the course of an afternoon.) The plantain isn’t too sweet and the texture is an amazing substitute for pasta. You can make it with minced beef or chicken but I prefer mine with lean beef. Bottom line… It’s literally the tastiest thing to come out of Puerto Rico since Jennifer Lopez.
It’s September which means its officially the end of Summer….. boooooo! All the sad face emojis. I can’t let summer escape me with out making one last dish to celebrate the warmer seasons and that is my favourite new ceviche concoction, Watermelon & Tuna ceviche. All these flavours are fresh, work stupendously well together and fizz on the tastebuds. Super low cal, easy to make and looks incredibly gorgeous on a plate especially topped with edible flowers. The hardest bit is just not keeping it all to yourself.
Moqueca (pronounced mo-KEH-kah) may sound exotic but it’s incredibly easy to make and you probably have most of the ingredients in your cupboard already! This is one of the most famous dishes in Brazil, from a region called Bahia, and it is undoubtably one of the best. “Moqueca” refers to a stew made with Fish which is cooked in Coconut Milk… Traditionally it is made with Coconut Milk but I make mine with CoYo as it makes it that bit creamier and it’s still dairy-free!
These Brazilian biscuits are sooo more-ish and divinely simple to make. I love cashews, they are positively the best thing to leave Brazil since Adriana Lima (my mum comes from Rio Grande do Norte, it has the biggest cashew nut tree in the world!) so I just love using them in recipes. My grandad used to send us huge boxes filled with cashews from Brazil when we lived in Venezuela. These biscuits are squidgy in the middle and taste amazing with a strong black coffee. Enjoy!
Salmão ao Molho de Maracujá is a very popular dish in Brazil, and features one of my all time favourite sauces, “Molho de Maracuja” a creamy, tangy passion fruit sauce. It’s citrus-y flavour works amazingly well with fish but also tastes great with duck and seafood pastas like crab ravioli. It’s great for big groups & makes an amazing show piece at a dinner party. Enjoy!
This Quinoa Banana bread consists of classic south american ingredients, and is PACKED with protein, supplemented by extra chia seeds. It’s one of my favourite loafs in the world. I don’t add any sugar to mine but ripe bananas are really all the sugar this needs. I love how you simply whack all the ingredients in a food processor (minimising mess/washing up.) If you are feeling sinful toast it and smother liberally in Nutella, but if you are being good then top it with brazil nut butter and feel like Gisele.
Lúcuma is an amazing Superfood from Peru, it’s full of potassium with bright yellow coloured flesh and tastes a bit like maple syrup! So much so that it’s often used as a natural sweetener… Lúcuma has a very low Glycemic index, so it’s a great alternative to regular sugar.
I love Sopa Negra, it’s a soup originally from Costa Rica but you see variants of it all over Latin America. It is possibly the healthiest, yummiest and easiest recipe you can make for yourself.
A British twist (make sure its stilton!) on a Latin American classic
Alfajores are an Argentinian institution and an “accidentally Gluten-Free” offering from the land of absurdly attractive polo players. Made from cornflour these little morsels are two biscuits (aka cookies) sandwiched together, dusted in desiccated coconut and held by a gorgeous toffee sauce known as “Dulce de Leche” or “Arequipe.” I prefer to buy it already made in a tin, but you can make your own if you want. Simply boil an unopened can of condensed milk for 3 hours, making sure it is completely immersed in water throughout. Alfajore dough produces a gorgeous pale flaky ​biscuit which is so incredibly light. They are not too sweet which I love, and they bake in just SEVEN MINUTES. Gorgeous, simple to make and gluten free! Enjoy X