Think Latin, Feel Latin, Buy's our choice of great Latin products on the market this February

Hair like a Dominican…

Forget fancy French, if you want lush shiny Anacaona hair, go Dominican. This first phytotherapeutic treatment from the Caribbean contains extracts from 15 different plants, which  stimulate micro-circulation in the scalp and encourage faster hair growth and a healthy scalp. The ingredients are also designed to prevent breakage so that hair feels nourished, healthy, silky-soft, flexible and full of body & bounce. Anyone going for the lush look should try it.

…and Skin like a Brazilian

It’s no surprise that London’s samba sensation come beauty therapist has launched her own beauty range; the energy and loveliness that Tropicalia’s Vanessa Mantini radiates on the dance floor is the envy of every female onlooker. Now she’s potted her Rio Glow, in facial and body oils sand scrubs. We couldn’t get over the deliciously zesty fragrance of her lime, lemongrass, lavender, chamomile, orange, peppermint and lavender oil fusions. Definitely recommend these pots of radiance to fend off the harsh winter.

Sweet Thing

Sugar is SO 18th century, according to food experts, whose latest craze is the 20th century super sweetener derived from Mexico’s agave plants. Reasons to use agave nectar include: its very low glycemic Index (so easily digested), it’s vegan and gluten free, it’s sweeter than sugar (so you need less of it!) and has no after taste like other sugar alternatives. Cleo Rocos got so obsessed with it that she spent a year in Mexico getting the purest, highest quality stuff to create her own brand. It’s delicious on cereal, drinks and of course essential to making a great Margarita.

Inca Silver

Inspired by her trip up the Inca trail, Bali-based jewellery designer Mariella Pilato couldn't help but craft a number of gorgeous pieces. Indeed, her sterling silver and gold plated earrings, rings and necklaces with turquoise at their heart, capture the beauty and history of the Sacred Valley. Born and raised in Sorrento – land of great myths linked to the Homeric heroes – Mariella gravitates to magical places, rich in history and ancient arts, for inspiration.